Drying – Blowing off

Drying - Blowing off

Drying and blowing is a very popular type of air heater application. Most often it is done with the use of the existing infrastructure of the client. What does it mean? We select the type of nozzles and high-pressure blowers appropriate for the product and implement them in the existing place on the production line. The type of components used strictly depends on the type of application, but also the speed and available space.


We also build complete stationary and mobile machines for drying all kinds of tanks, barrels or entire tanks. Our machines are also used on a large scale to dry DPF / FAP filters after the washing process.


Heating chambers on individual order

If drying requires closing the product in the chamber after the finished production process (e.g. after the painting process) - we will build it! In addition, we can use hot air recuperation, which will save electricity, i.e. money! Our blowers are able to suck in hot air, feed it to the heater and force it back into the chamber when heated.

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