Electric oven

For thermoplastic sheets moulding

These air-circulation ovens have been designed to heat and mould thermoplastic sheets (pmma, pvc, ps, pp, pc), drying treatments, plastics stabilization, etc. The oven is built into a steel structure, with a hollow space in mineral wool of about 80-100 mm., highly insulating, while the internal chamber is treated with silicone/aluminates for the highest temperatures; the external surface is painted with a polyurethane-based product.


Forced-air horizontal ventilation with one or more electro fans, which re-cycle and send the air back into the oven; electrical relays prevent over-heating

On the electrical panel for the temperature and operations management 2 thermo regulators are in place which allow to set the needed temperature (1 for the operations and 1 for security purposes), a digital timer/watch for the heating time, with a beeping sound and a flashing light at the end of the cycle.

The support plane for the extractable horizontal sheets is made of stainless-steel (on demand it can be covered in Teflon )

Adjustable vent for the damp air on the upper part

Adjustable vent for the air re-cycling

The sliding door on the front is pedal-operated and has pneumatic opening and silicone rubber gaskets, plus a security photocell on the oven front.

Power supply 380 Volts. Electric, tri-phase

Max service temperature 210° C

Working plane heigth 900 mm


DimensionsLength mm.Depth mm.Height mm.PowerKW
Mod 20102050105050016
Mod 20152050155050020
Mod 30153050155050023
Mod 30203050205050027
Mod 40204050205050032
Overal DimensionsLengthmm.Depth mm.Height mm.WeightKg.
Mod 2010265016502500850
Mod 20152650215025001050
Mod 30153650215025001300
Mod 30204200245025001450
Mod 40205200245025001700 
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