Haiming S-PH3000B

Automatic butt welding machines for plastic sheets

HEIMING S-PH3000B is a flagship model of butt welding machine for processing thermoplastic sheets (PP-R, PP-H, PP-B, PP-S, HD-PE, PVC-U, PVC-RL, PVDF…) 3 – 30 mm thickness (optionally 40-60 mm) and max. width of 6025 mm.
HEIMING S-PH3000B encompasses advanced solutions: process forces including clamping pressure in the weld seam area distributed via. proportional valve, sturdy and torsion resistant frame, welding table made of stainless steel and Siemens control unit with 12″ touch panel.
Consecutive steps of welding cycle are executed automatically up to predefined welding programs (DVS guidelines). Operator is responsible for inputting data of sheet thickness, width and type of material. Parameters of each cycle including timing may be anytime modified, and new programs stored for future welding projects. All parameters of welding process are automatically stored in internal memory and can be exported in form of a protocol.


Available versions with 3025 mm, 4025 mm and 6025 mm welding width

Automatically executed welding process according to predefined recipes (DVS guidelines) with ability to modify, program and store own welding programs

Process forces executed via. proportional valve

Stainless steel welding table

2 welding zones at each side of the table - may be operated separately

2 foot pedals for clamping

LED illumination of welding area

Intuitive operation via Siemens with 12" touch panel coupled with S7-1200 PLC

LED illumination of welding zones

Acoustic signal


Special versions for welding profiles and hollow sheets up 40 - 60 mm

Unit for angled welds 90° (L)

Sheet winding device for producing cylindrical containers

Technical specification

Length  (mm)450056007800
Height (mm)260026002600
Width (mm)145014501450
Weight (kg)380045005800
Air pressure8,0 bar8,0 bar8,0 bar
Power supply380380380
Heating element power (KW)458
Engine power (KW)2.2KW X 22.2KW X 42.2KWX4
Dimensions of the heating element (mm)3200 X22 X554200 X 22 X 556200 X 22 X 55
Illumination of the workspaceLEDLEDLED
Thickness of welded material (mm)3-303-303-30
Working length (mm)302530256025
Minimum cylinder diameter (mm)360500800
90°L  plate width (mm)302540256025
90°L plate thickness (mm)6-306-306-40
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