HAPRO regulators, relays, thermocouples

High quality regulators, thermocouples and relays that allow precise setting and control of process parameters.

The HAPRO 0235 compact controller is a universal controller with digital display of nominal and actual values.
It can be configured as a two-point, three-point, three-point-step or continuous controller. All parameters are freely configurable (e.g. control process, control range, measured values, control outputs, type and function of alarm control).
The device is able to optimally, independently adapt to the individual process (P, PD, PI, PD/I – Self-optimisation function).

HAPRO 0235 is equipped with DIN Pt 100 and thermocouple sensors. Standard signal 0/4.20 mA, DC 0-10 V.
Pressure switch suitable for positive or negative pressure from 0.2 to 0.5 mbar
– 5 m air hose and plug sleeve Cat. 40010045
– 10 m air hose and 2 push-in sleeves Cat: 40010046

Semiconductor relays
Dual-phase, complete with heat sink.
Catalog no. : 400100192

NiCr-Ni with 2 m silicone cable
Catalog no. 40010024

Temperature detector
Pt 100 with ermet screw connection and 0.5 m cable

Catalog no.: 40010022 / 40010023

TypNr. Kat.Napięcie VCzęstotliwość HzZłączaWymiary w mm
Width / Height / Depth
02354001001483230/115 +/-10%48-62Relais AC 250V,
maks 3A/DC 0/14V, max. 10mA
48 / 96 / 112
0235400100148424 +/-10%Relais AC 250V,
max. 3A/DC 0/14V, maks. 10mA
48 / 96 / 112

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