Ingenia GmbH

Ingenia GmbH

Specialist in welding of plastic sheets

INGENIA GmbH is a German manufacturer of equipment and machines for welding, sealing and bending thermoplastic sheets. The company offers:

Butt welding machines for plastic sheets
Bending machines for plastic sheets
Wrapping and welding machines for the production of cylindrical tanks
Automated lines for the manufacture of pallets and containers
Cell plate packing lines
Machines for serial welding of semi-finished plastic products

INGENIA equipment is distinguished by: safety of the production process, reliability and user-friendliness, which directly translate into production efficiency and low operating costs.

All equipment and machines are designed for high loads, according to European machine construction standards (DIN, EN) and using components from renowned industrial automation suppliers (e.g. FESTO, SIEMENS). The configuration of the welding process is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the German Association for Welding Technology – DVS.

INGENIA welding and bending machines give you a competitive edge in the plastics industry!


Butt welding

Reliable, efficient, with varying degrees of automation. Indispensable in the production of plastic tanks.


Fast and precise bending of plastic sheets.

Welding Machines

Machines for the manufacture of pallets, containers, containers from solid and hollow core panels.