Ingenia PS ECONO

Automatic butt welding machines for plastic sheets

Ingenia PS ECONO is automatic butt welding machine for plastic sheets of thickness 3 to 25 mm. Ingenia PS ECONO models distinguish themselves with highest level of reliability (single valve pneumatic system), simple and comfortable operations (remote control, preset welding programs, bulks with quick release etc.) and welding efficiency (CNC table force controller, Siemens PLC, close loop temperature regulation).

Welding process is executed automatically via. Siemens PLC. Parameters of consecutive steps of welding process (aligning / preheating, heating, welding, cooling) are preset (DVS guidelines) and can be anytime modified during the process. Timing of preheating and welding can be easily shortened or prolonged by pressing single button.

Zgrzewanie płyt CPL (betonowe tory ochronne)


Available versions with 2000 mm, 3000 mm and 4000 mm welding width

Automatically executed welding process according to predefined recipes (DVS guidelines)

CNC controlled process forces with proportional valve

2 welding zones at each side of the table - may be operated separately

Remote controller or Siemens touch screen

Heavy-duty, stress resistant frame

3 digital timers for preset and current values

Milled surfaces of aluminum tables prevent from moving sheets

PE coated side arms

Aluminum pressure plates

Emergency limit switch

Cold start protection


LED illumination of welding zones

Long side arms with ball bearings

Engraved scale in surface of welding tables

Acoustic signal

Foot pedal or remote controller for clamping

USB port for exporting protocols (DVS 2207-11)

Acoustic signal

Pneumatic lever to rise sheets after welding

Adjustment for welding profiles and hollow sheets < 65 mm

Transport rollers

Additional clamping zone (3 instead of 2) at each side of machine

Force measuring and regulation system

Unit for angled welds 90° (L)

Unit for T-welds (only in combination with unit for angled welds 90°)


20.25 PS eco30.25 PS eco40.25 PS ecoUnit
Height / working table height1200/9001200/9001200/900mm
Weight, approx.1,62,53,2t
Working range
Max. Working Width205030504050mm
Material thickness3-253-253-25mm
Working bore height272727mm
The minimum diameter of the cylinder500550550mm
Number of clamp zones per beam122
Electric50-60 Hz
Clamp with a force of 7/10 bar11 / 1616 / 2321 / 30kN
Minimum pressure during welding550650750N
Maximum pressure during welding75001125015000N
Heating unit
Heating strip30 x 80 mm z płaszczem teflonowym Tmax=260omm
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