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Drilling holes in plastics seems to be a simple and trouble-free activity. Very often, when visiting production facilities, we come across the practice of using core cutters and hole saws designed for drilling in metals.

As a result, holes made with random hole saws have many quality issues, e.g. jagged or melted edges, oversized dimensions or de-centered walls. In addition, the use of metal hole saws often leads to drilling device being snatched out from the operator’s hands, resulting in an accident or damage to hole saw itself.

DUSS hole saws and hole cutters have been specially adapted (power, rotational speed, protection) for drilling in thermoplastics. The industrial quality of the DUSS hole saws, reliability and simple operation translate into many years of trouble-free operation and intensive work in the production facility and on the construction site. The flagship model of the core drilling machine, the DUSS DIA 303, can be retrofitted with stabilizing tripods and attachments that greatly facilitate working with large hole saws.


DUSS hole saws for cutting plastics have been designed to eliminate all the problems that occur when using hole saws and bits for ceramics or metal. Namely, hole edges made do not have defects or flaws, which means that the assembly of collectors or accessories can be made immediately without the need for further surface or edge machining. Another argument is the design of hole saw itself i.e. specially redesigned ventilation holes and cutting teeth, which ensure maximum drilling speed, while preventing edge tearing and overheating of the drilling device and the material itself.
We offer three types of precision core cutters designed for thermoplastics: DUSS CCL, DUSS, LC and DUSS LS.

DUSS CCL core cutters are optimized for drilling holes in composite materials such as GRP and GFRP sheets and pipes. Using DUSS LC hole saws, we can make holes in solid and hollow plastics in the diameter of 25 to 126 mm. For quick hole cutting, as well as cutting large diameter holes (up to 322 mm), we recommend DUSS LS core cutter series.


We have the right solution for every hole making process in thermoplastics and composite pipes & sheets! For large-format holes, intensive drilling in automatic cycles we can equip your production facility with semi-automatic multi-hole drilling unit or the Riexinger 1000/6300 industrial hole saw with conveyor, while for the most advanced processing, including cutting and milling even most advanced shapes and holes, we offer the Riexinger SBM PLC-controlled, automatic milling station RIEXINGER SBM. We are awaiting your inquires!

Drilling unit for plastic pipes with angle adjustment Riexinger 1000/630

Drilling unit for plastic pipes with angle adjustment Riexinger 1000/630