Piegacryl Multipiegacryl Mod E 1200-2000-3000

Heating machine for thermoplastic sheets bending

Series of bending machines designed for heating thermoplastic sheets (PMMA, PVC, PS, PP, PC), particularly suitable for bending sheets of high thickness up to 15-20 mm. Heating is executed contactless, radiant and evenly by means of tubular elements / quartz. The PIEGACRYL-MULTIPIEGACRYL MOD. E is equipped with sturdy frame made of extruded aluminum profiles, equipped with theavy duty transportation wheels.

Each heating unit consists of heating element and two supports that can be additionality water cooled. Distance between supports may be regulated (8 to 80 mm to deliver precise and uniform heat transfer to the workpiece. Temperature of each heating unit is independently regulated (0-800 °). Top heating unit may be mounted parallely to the bottom unit.

Proces of heating is executed of consecutive steps: place the sheet to be folded, set up warm-up time, operate by push button or pedal to start heating cycle (top-down heating unit lowers down and later is released after automatic cycle ends), remove the softened piece and let it cool on a special template.
On request the machine can be supplied with water cooler unit.

In standard:

Power supply 220/380 volt

Pneumatically 5 Atm

Width heated zone 8-80 mm

Minimum distance between the folds 110 mm

Safety instructions EEC

Height adjustment of the resistors +-8mm

Power resistors 1300 watts / linear meter (approx)

Water supply to lose or closed loop (Ciller)

Team positioning piece with adjustment. metrics

Max bendable length1250 mm2050 mm3050 mm
Max bendable thickness15-20mm
Weight200Kg340 Kg420 Kg
Overal dimension lenght1700mm2500 mm3500 mm
Overal dimension width1100 mm
Overal dimension height1250 mm
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