Piegaplast Automatic 2000 / 2000 S

Automatic bending machine for thermoplastic sheet

Automatic Bendinig Machine produced by MALCOMPLAST ENGINEERING,is the best and most advanced machine for bending thermoplastic (PMMA,PVC,PS,PP,PC) Sheets in the market. Robust and of an attrattive design, this machine has been created to solve and satisfy any bending requirement, eliminating the traditional operations of positioning the pieces on appropriata templates after heating. The Piegaplast Automatic is fully automatic and requires no manual interventions except for loading and unloading the piece

Simplicity of use and excellent perfomances (bending speed and precision) make the Piegaplast Automatic a high quality economical machine. Set the heating and cooling time and the bending angle on the electronic displays, position the sheet, lock the piece by means of a push-button or pedal and start the working cycle, with the result that, provided there are no defects in the sheets, the machine will carry out perfectly straight and even bends at the angle required.

In standard:

Radiancy heating with quartz-clad resistors

Lower or bilateral heating

Electronic heat adjustment for every resistor

Electronically-display adjustment of heating time

Electronically-display adjustment of cooling time

Cooling device adjustable by means of air ventilation

Operating cycles - manual or automatic

Metric square for piece positioning

Blinking led for cycle start

Safety devices to EEC Standards (Photoelectric cells)

Electric power supply 380 V. TRIF

Pneumatic feed 6 Atm

Electronic bending angle with display 0 to 135° (180°)

Heating zone width 5 to 50 mm


Max bendable length2050 mm
Max bendable thickness5-6 mm12 mm
Weight450 Kg550 Kg
Overal dimension lenght2750 mm
Overal dimension width1250 mm
Overal dimension height1050 mm1250 mm 
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