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Split Annular Heating Tools

Split annular heating tools to weld PP and PE containment pipe in a dual containment piping system. The tools are available for manual welding or to be used with pipe welding machines. Electronic controls according to DVS 2208.

Hand welding Device
Split annular heating mirrors are anti-adhesive coated and including cable and plugs. An on/off-switch and a lamp for interval control are incorporated in the handle. This model is available up to 300 mm (12“) o.D.

Machine Welding Machine
Large split annular heating tools are for use in pipe welding equipment. Heater plates are with anti-adhesive coating. Electronic controls with analogue or digital readout. Digital controls allow for set and actual temperature display. The control box incorporates (2) control lamps for mains and interval control. Larger tools are supplied with an eye for use with a hoist.


Heating element with anti-adhesive coating

Electronic controls with digital readout

Set and actual temperature can be displayed

Control lamp indicating wrong mains supply

Electronic controls conform to DVS 2208

Unit is supplied with eye to hook into hoist

All round annular heating tools are optinally available with external controls in separate control panel

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