Riexinger SBM

Milling machine SBM for automated processing of manholes and pipe parts

Riexinger SBM machine is designed to variably mill cut-outs and boreholes in manholes or pipe sections at any point and in various sizes. Almost entire milling process is computer-controlled and involvement of the employees is limited to monitoring the machine. SBM is designed for maximum durability and stability so guides and bearings are generously dimensioned.

Precise, fast, robust

Compared to conventional solutions in production of boreholes and breakouts on large diameter manholes and pipe parts, application of SBM machine results in time savings of around 60%. SBM increases overall efficiency and profitability as well as improves functionality and quality of products. The milled edges are finished precisely, do not require further machining and ensure perfect fitting of individual elements. User-friendly and uncomplicated input menus enable the shortest possible set-up. The machining coordinates, bore size, feed rate, speed and tool parameters can be easily selected. Subsequently, machining is carried out autonomously.

Modern technology

The shaft machining machine has a centrically clamping four-jaw chuck with flexible internal and external clamping. To increase the dimensional stability of unstable workpieces, a variable support bridge can also be used without great effort. After releasing the chuck clamping, the components can be safely removed or loaded by means of a crane or stacker. The clamping plate also contains a manual rotary axis with rotation angle display. This allows angularly arranged bores to be produced without re-clamping. The clamping of the complete clamping unit is done by means of a pneumatic brake unit. A wide range of milling cutters is available for tool selection, tool change is semi-automatic and possible within a few seconds. Because only components from renowned manufacturers are mounted, a spare part, can be supplied at short notice.


Heavy-duty, torsion-resistant steel machine stand

High-speed milling spindle

Adjustable feed rate

Easy operation via touch screen

Optional manual or pneumatic clamping of the workpiece

Further customization on request

Max. feed rate: 10m/min

Chuck: HSK 63 A

Milling rate: up to 12000 R/min.

Spindle: 20 kW

SBM 2500 
SBM 3000
SBM 3500
Axis X: 2,80 m Axis Y: 3,00 m Axis Z: 1,68 m
3,30 m 3,00 m 1,95 m
3,80 m 3,00 m 2,20 m


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