Riscaldatore Multipieghe MOD . MP 1200 IR- MOD. MP 2000

Series of machines, designed for heating thermoplastic sheet (PMMA, PVC, PS, PP, PC)

This series of machines, designed for heating thermoplastic sheet (PMMA, PVC, PS, PP, PC) is particularly suitable for bending plates of small thickness, up to 3 mm. The heating occurs without contact, radiant, evenly and localized by means of wire resistances. Heaters MP may be composed of: – structure in aluminum carrier, or – structure bench with base in aluminum die-bent on which accommodation are two guides metrics where you place the heating groups (2-3-4-5-6 units) and the reference square for piece positioning. Each heating unit is constituted by a profiled aluminum cooled half water circulation provided with hollow inside which is housed a resistance wire low voltage (heating zone fixed width 8.5 mm): powered to 22 V. for mod. MP 1200 and 40 V. for mod. MP 2000. The power and heat settings (0-550 °) is independent for each unit.
Placed the sheet to be folded, stored on the heating time timer (optional) operated by push button start cycle. Once softened, extract the piece and allow it to cool on a special jig, allowing him to take the bending angle desired.
On request the machine can be supplied with cooling water circulation (chiller).

In standard:

All aluminium frame

Heating adjustment for each resistor

Ce approved machine

Heating by radiation with wire resistors l.V. 22 - 40 v.

Power supply220 mon
Heating lenght1230 -2030 mm
Heating width (fixed)8,5 mm
Max workable thickness2,5- 3 mm
Minimum distance between bendings20 mm
Maximum distance between bendings650 mm
Power consumption550 w. Mtlin.
Sheet positioning devicemax 700 mm
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