This is a process that hot air is very often used for. Although it seems simple, especially in the case of confectioning, the matter begins to get complicated when shrinking the label on an irregular shape.

Our solutions guarantee that the sleeve labels will adhere exactly to the packaging, and the graphics and texts on them will be legible and even. Hot air is also a great method of securing products against shifting during transport by fixing them on pallets with foil hoods, which are then shrunk.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to cope with almost any challenge. We will select the appropriate blowing force, set the temperature, make the right nozzles, and then help to install them in the right place and at the right angle.

Do you want to shrink the foil on your product? Contact us - we know how to do it!

Automated shrinking of hoods on pallets

Extremely demanding process due to the shrinking time. The machine is made for a customer who has so far used gas burners – a quick but very dangerous solution due to the risk of using open fire. Wherever it is necessary to eliminate the risk of fire or damage to the finished product, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution using hot air generated by our electric heaters.

Industrial hand heaters

Shrinking is also manual work on production lines. The production of battery packs or wiring harnesses for cars, trains, buses, etc. are processes that require professional manual heaters – light and adapted to work around the clock.

Proven in action

The most popular type of shrinkage that we encounter is the placement of various types of labels, caps and caps or shrink film caps on containers and bottles. This process can be very simple or very difficult depending on the shape, size and material of the sleeve label. We are not afraid of any challenge!

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