Table saws for plastic sheets

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Plastic sheets have become a popular building and construction material. Due to the specific properties of plastics, elements made of plastic sheets replace concrete, steel and natural materials.

Thanks to the possibility of precise machining (plastic cutting, grinding, milling and joining) a plastic sheet made of polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC or PVDF is nowadays the basic semi-finished product in the production process of tanks, cylinders, galvanizing tubs, chemical resistant linings, covers and even floating and waterproof objects.
To ensure aesthetic and precise cuts, cutting of plastic sheets must be carried out with specific parameters, with appropriate blade and in appropriate conditions.


Simple and solid construction is the key to the success of INGENIA table saws. INGENIA table saws are designed for fast and precise cutting of plastic sheets. A reliable circular saw from FESTO is responsible for the cutting itself. Thanks to the use of an stable frame designed for horizontally arranged sheets, material remains stress-free. In addition, there is no risk of shifting sideways or tipping over. Thanks to this, the cutting process is safe and does not require special qualifications from operators.

Automatic table saw for plastic sheets Ingenia ATA
Automatic table saw for plastic sheets ATA