Air heater HAPRO LE-R

Universally applicable air heater for high air volumes from 3-18kW

The electrically powered air heaters of the LE-R series can be used universally, e.g. in drying systems, hot air shrink systems, heating cabinets, hot air ducts and preheating systems. The heating elements and housings are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is why they heat dry, moist and mildly aggressive air as well as nitrogen in fresh air or recirculating air operation. The equipment is easy to control and, with its compact dimensions, can be installed with only a small footprint. Since the return of hot air is possible with HAPRO air heaters, they are very energy efficient. All versions are designed for continuous operation. The devices are available with an output of 3-18kW, and special designs are possible. Customized layout pressure-resistant up to 5 bar (LE-D). Inlet temperature in recirculating operation is max. 300°C, outlet temperature is 350°C.


Housings made of high-quality stainless steel (1.4301)

Heating element made of stainless steel (1.4301)

Terminal box made of powder-coated sheet steel


Temperature sensor NiCr-Ni or similar on outlet side

Air flow monitoring on inlet side by means of differential pressure switch, pressure-wave switch or air flow monitor

Air volume throttle damper on inlet or outlet side

Temperature control by means of electronic controllers

Temperature sensor Pt 100 C600 on outlet side

Outlet flange plate is manufactured according to customer specifications

Nozzles for hot air distribution, special systems on request

DIN-compliant overtemperature protection relay has an adjustable cut-off temperature

Power electronics: Solid-state relay complete with heat sinks

Designation (details in mm)Dimensions3 – 9kW
Thermally insulated
10 – 18kW
Thermally insulated
Total heightA380380
Diameter of inlet connectionB150 max.150 max.
Length of outlet connector, including funnelC200200
Total length with inlet and outlet connectorD564728
Length of inlet connector, incl. funnelE200200
Width of the housingF220220
Height of the housingG260260
Diameter of the outlet connectionH150 max.150 max.
LE-R bodyI164328
ModelOrder No.Output kWVoltage VDescription
LE-R 103400181033,0400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 104400181044,5400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 106400181066,0400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 107400181077,5400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 109400181099,0400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 1104001811010,5400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 1124001811212,0400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 1134001811313,5400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 1154001811515,0400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection
LE-R 1184001811818,0400Thermally insulated, with overtemperature protection

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