Butt welding machines for plastic sheets

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Butt welding machines are designed for welding plastic sheets for tanks, containers, pipes, swimming pools etc.
We offer professional, efficient and problem-free butt welding machines.
Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions for plastic sheets of thickness from 2 to 65 mm (hollow sheets, profiles) and length up to 6000 mm are available. All models are equipped with oil-free, pneumatic system, PTFE coated welding blade and close-loop regulation of temperature.

Automatic butt welding machines are equipped with PLC with database of welding profiles (up to DVS guidelines) for most common thermoplastics, that can be easily modified during welding process. Chosen models may be optionally equipped with winding device for production of cylindrical tanks, unit for angled welds 90° (L), unit for T-type welds, table force measurement and regulation and many other features.
We are always ready to help you choose most appropriate machine for your application.

Process of sheet welding consists of consecutive steps aligning /preheating, welding, cooling. All automatic models are equipped with PLC with database of welding profiles (DVS guidelines) for most common thermoplastics. Automatic butt welding machines significantly increase efficiency of welding process and deliver best quality welding results.