Ingenia A-BA

Semi-automatic bending machine

A-BA sheet bending device is an all-round machine with a flexible field of application. The bending cycle is fully automatic; bending parameters are set on the display (pre-selection of cycles time from database for PE / PP / PVC-U / PVDF). The A-BA model is equipped with PLC controlled positioning drive including automatic bending sequence (up to 6 bends) on a single workpiece.

In standard:

2 separate temperature regulators for upper and lower heating element

Switch to choose automatic ore step- bending cycle

Milled surfaces of working table and clamps

Automatic regulation of heating/cooling with possibility of shortening or extending the cycle

Two independent clamping zones (for the 3 m version)

Continuously adjustable clamping forces, allows adoption to different material hardness

Digital position control of the adjusted bending length

Manual valve to regulate the plasticizing and bending force of the upper heating bar

Sleeplessly adjustable bending angle 10°-95°

Clamping beam with quick releasing bolt, to take out bended pipes

Emergency limit switch

Manual set up of the penetration of upper heating element

Manual drive of the sheet transport, by turning a wheel


Version for sheet thickness 4000 / 20 mm (width / thickness)

Increase the sheet thickness tolerance by an additional 5 mm

Brackets to prevent bending of long sheets

Acoustic signal at the end of the bending cycle

Foot pedal for remote operation with clamping


20.15 A-BA30.15 A-BAUnit
Width (without extension arms)20002000mm
Height / height of table1100 mm(900 mm)mm
Weight, approx13001500kg
Max. Working width20503050mm
Sheet thickness3-153-15mm
Minimum cross-section of square tube100 x 180100 x 180mm
Minimum bending angle1010o
Maximum bending angle9595o
Minimum length for clamping125125
Power supply
Electricwith transformer 230/400V 3/N/PE 50-60 Hz
Clamping force, for 7 /(10) bar10 (14)15 (21)kN
Clamping zones per beam22
Max. bending force1015kN
Bottom heating bar25 x 50 mm with coating PTFE Tmax=260oC
Upper heating strip (for bending 90o)25 x 50 mm x 82o, with coating PTFE Tmax=260oC
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