Riexinger GR-BSM 4500

Large pipe saw

Nowadays, most water, sewage or rainwater transportation systems are made of plastic pipes with diameters of up to 4.5 metres. Handling pipes of such large diameters requires extreme precision and safety.

Riexinger large-diameter saws are designed to meet the requirements of modern production. Practically the entire cutting cycle is computer-controlled and the participation of employees is limited to monitoring the machine in operation.

Compared to conventional solutions for cutting large diameter pipes, the use of Riexinger saws translates into time savings of up to 50-60%. The cutting is characterized by a precise finish of the processed surfaces which do not require further processing and ensure a perfect fit of the individual elements. Thanks to the possibility of application of various types of blades, Riexinger saws can perfectly cope with any type of plastic with wall thickness from several mm to over 140 mm.

All large-size saws are equipped as standard with effective safety devices: emergency stop switches, overload modules for drives and electronic components, electronic brake of the cutting belt, laser projection of the cutting line, etc.

The saw is operated via a large control panel. The operator sets the parameters for the subsequent cutting stages step by step by selecting the relevant icons.

Riexinger is setting new standards in terms of replacement of the cutting blades and this concerns both safety and operating time. Usually, blade changing on a large-size saw is a time-consuming and complicated process which additionally requires ladders and suitable tools. With Riexinger saws, the arm can easily be lowered down without the use of an external crane or hoist.

In standard:

Innovative design with movable saw frame and open cutting area

The low positioned working platform makes loading and unloading much easier

Precise adjustment of the cutting position without moving the pipe

Automatic segment cutting without moving the pipe

Problem-free changing of the cutting belt without using a hoist or ladder

Intuitive control panel with multiple languages to choose from

Precise cutting at various angles: 0°... 45° (both ways) 90° across section Y-cut - drain pipe 67.5°/ 22.5° T-cut - main pipe T-cut - waste pipe Y-cut - main pipe


Notch-cutting at any angle

Curved discharge pipe cutting


GR-BSM 1200 GR-BSM 2500GR-BSM 3500 GR-BSM 4500
Length in mm:8.4008.40010.60012.600
Width in mm:5.0006.6007.8008.900
Height max. in mm:3.0004.3005.3006.400
Weight in kg:5.0007.0009.00012.000
Cutting range in mm (outside diameter)355 – 1.200630 – 2.500630 – 3.500630 – 4.500
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